Combi: Food-Safe Packaging Leader

Since 1979, Combi Packaging Systems, located in Canton, Ohio, has been providing packaging equipment for their industrial customers across the globe. In 1999, Combi entered into a joint venture with other proven leaders in the industry—the Packaging Systems Division of 3M and Siat SpA, an Italian equipment manufacturer—to better meet the needs of their customers.

Industries Served by Combi

Combi is a truly diverse packaging company. Employing a first-rate team of mechanical and electrical engineers, the company designs and manufactures a variety of packaging solutions including robotic packaging, hand-packing stations, stretch wrappers and case packers. The industries that are served by this company range the gamut of those that are most in demand in the world today and include the following:

  • baking
  • personal care products
  • hardware
  • household consumer
  • automotive
  • pet food and treats
  • chemical
  • beverage
  • contract packaging
  • food
  • nutraceutical
  • medical supplies
  • food service disposables
  • pharmaceutical

Overview of the Types of Packaging Combi Offers

Combi is an innovative thought leader in its industry and understands that not one type of packaging equipment is right for everyone. They offer a range of different types of equipment that help ensure that you can find a solution to your packaging issues including:

  • hand packing stations that rely on ergonomics to protect workers while ensuring that productivity remains high
  • case erectors and loaders help ensure that your product is loaded in a manner that is consistent with its use so that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition
  • robotic packaging that provides options such as an entire palletizing station, a case erector and robotic packing arm

High Performance Packaging Group Chooses Combi

Because High Performance Packaging Group is committed to providing only top quality packaging solutions to their customers, they only carry high-quality used packaging systems including ones from Combi. Schedule a consultation with the experts at High Performance Packaging Group and they can help you find the used packaging solutions for your business today. If you have any questions about these or any of our other machines, contact us anytime—we’re happy to give you more information about any of the equipment we sell.


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