Choosing an HFFS or VFFS Machine

VFFS Machine from High Performance Packaging

If you’re in a business that requires products to be packaged at a consistent rate, with consistent fill levels, using form fill and seal machinery is a common occurrence. When deciding what’s right for your business, you’ll likely have the choice between a horizontal form fill and seal machine (HFFS) or a vertical form fill and seal machine (VFFS). If you’re not sure which would be the better choice for your particular product, read on to find out which you should choose.

HFFS Machine Features

Horizontal form fill and seal machines are best for products that are solid and singular—things like frozen pizzas or car parts, to give both a food and non-food example. These machines allow for the placement of a product between two sheets of film, and then a sealer part closes and seals the ends of the packages as they roll by on the conveyer belt. HFFS machines are best for industries and businesses that have a high demand for productivity—in other words, companies that need a lot of product packaged in a short amount of time.

What about a VFFS Machine?

On the other hand, vertical form fill and seal machines are ideal for loose product that needs to be packaged into bags or pouches. For example, products like cereal or flour. These machines feed the product into vertical filler stations, which weigh a specific amount of product to be fed into each bag before sealing the edges. Vertical machines are better suited for products that are small pieces and can benefit from gravity feeding them into the bags.

Benefits of Purchasing Used

Depending on what product you’re packaging, one of these machines will probably be the clear choice. If you’re still unsure of which one is right for your business, feel free to contact us at High Performance Packaging—we’re happy to explain the differences between the equipment we offer and help you make the best choice for your needs. Additionally, because we offer used equipment, you’ll be able to save some money in the process. We believe that every one of our clients should have the opportunity to use high quality machinery, and that’s why we offer used machines from some of the top rated brands in the industry, including Hayssen, Matrix, Ishida, and many more.


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