Why is Operator Training for Packaging Machinery so Important?

A product packaging facility requires machinery that is durable and efficient, but packaging equipment only works as well as its operator. If production line operators aren’t entirely knowledgeable about certain machines, they may not notice issues with the machines’ functions and won’t know how to properly maintain the equipment. Operator […] Read more »

Top Reasons Why Used Packaging Equipment is the Right Choice for Your Business

Your packaging equipment takes up a sizeable chunk of your business’s budget. Incurring hefty repair fees—along with the necessary parts—can quickly gobble up your profits. This does not even take into account the income you lose while a machine is down due to it needing repairs— again. If you have […] Read more »

Thinking of Upgrading Your Packaging Machinery? Here’s How to do it Right

Your packaging machinery is the backbone of your business. Without the right equipment, the productivity of your employees plummets dramatically, cutting into your profits. The same can be said about using equipment that is hopelessly outdated or that keeps breaking down, requiring downtime as well as pricey repairs. Whether your […] Read more »

Does Your Packaging Line Need Shrink Bundling Machinery?

In today’s day and age, the safer a product is—especially food products—the better. When it comes to choosing packaging methods for food products, utilizing shrink bundling is often a choice for many companies, simply because it ensures a higher level of safety when shipping off products for retail sale. Additionally, […] Read more »

The Medical Professional’s Guide to Packaging Equipment

The medical profession involves several instruments, machines, and tools that must be packaged carefully to serve personnel and patients. Safeguarding equipment sterility is of the utmost importance. Medical products and medications have especially stringent packaging requirements. Quality packaging should deliver a complete order without complications, be ready for storage, and […] Read more »

High Performance Packaging’s Guide to Buying Used Packaging Equipment

Buying used rather than new packaging equipment is an excellent business decision. It saves on overhead costs and is also environmentally friendly—a big plus for many consumers. However, there are always risks when buying used equipment. How can you ensure your used packaging equipment is up to the standards you […] Read more »