Buying Used Norwood Printers for Production Lines

One of the final steps in the packaging process is labeling. Packaging facilities need printing equipment that can efficiently produce high-quality labels for product packages, preparing them for application. Norwood is a printing equipment manufacturer that is known for its reliable machinery, which is why High Performance Packaging carries used Norwood printers along with many other top brands in the packaging industry. Norwood manufactures two types of printers depending on companies’ needs: thermal transfer printers and hot stamp printers.

Hot Stamp and Thermal Transfer Printing Equipment

Norwood printers use state-of-the-art, high-resolution printing technology to print labels that effectively express the product brand. Both hot stamp and thermal transfer printers are easy to install in many types of packaging lines. Use them in VFFS, converting, blisterpack, cartoning, thermoforming and custom packaging lines to print logos, barcodes, serialization, prices, expiration dates, and other text or images. They are useful for printing labels for food and nonfood items across a wide range of industries. Printers’ user interfaces are also easy to use, giving operators the ability to quickly perform functions and troubleshooting tasks.

These printers are also economical, costing pennies for thousands of imprints. They are easy to install in packaging lines, and companies can even use hot stamp printers off-line for semi-automatic or manual operations. Thermal transfer printers also come with a precise advanced control for ribbons to maximize their accuracy. All printer parts are constructed using some of the toughest materials available, helping ensure that they serve packaging lines for years with minimal decrease in efficiency.

Purchasing Used Norwood Printers vs. Newly Manufactured Models

The top-quality fabrication that comes with Norwood printers makes them ideal for recirculation in the packaging industry. There are several benefits to purchasing used Norwood printers instead of shopping for new ones. A reliable packaging machine reseller makes sure that used packaging equipment is as effective and efficient as new models, while saving customers money whether they’re building a new packaging line or improving an existing one. Hot stamp and thermal transfer printers are among many types of reusable packaging machines.

Buying used packaging machinery costs considerably less than new equipment, and prior to reselling, trained technicians at companies like High Performance Packaging thoroughly inspect each machine to make sure it’s in working condition. A trustworthy packaging company will also offer operator training services, preventative maintenance and replacement parts to further prevent any inefficiency in production lines, making used equipment as effective as machinery that comes straight from the factory.
Because of their consistent reliability, used Norwood printers are among the many types of used packaging machinery that High Performance Packaging buys and resells. We make sure that each model of hot stamp or thermal transfer printer is ready for immediate integration in your new or existing packaging line and offer operator training to make the implementation process even smoother. Apart from Norwood printers, we also carry code date printers, label applicators, vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal equipment, conveyors, case sealers, auger fillers, and volumetric fillers, as well as many other used packaging machines to meet your needs.

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