Buying Used Coffee and Tea Packaging Machines

self-serve coffee and tea packaging


Coffee and tea products require reliable packaging equipment for quality assurance throughout the packaging process. These products are among the many types of food and nonfood products the machinery in our inventory can package. We carry some of the top brands of used coffee and tea packaging machines in the industry that’s used for packaging these products in a variety of packaging designs.

Installing a combination of our coffee and tea packaging machinery can help your production line reach its full potential in productivity.

Auger and Volumetric Fillers

Both auger and volumetric fillers from top brands such as SpeeDee, All Fill, and Mateer Burt can meet the needs for filling single-serve packages or larger containers. Their construction allows them to serve packaging facilities for many years, with high-quality parts that won’t wear down as easily as other models of coffee and tea packaging machinery. Used auger and volumetric filling equipment can provide the same accuracy and precision levels in filling as newer models.

Accommodating for Different Coffee and Tea Packaging Designs

Like other types of food products, coffee and tea often come in different types of packages depending on whether or not they’re intended to be single-serve products or part of a larger order. Our selection of filling machinery can fill most orders, including small uniquely shaped packages and larger cartons. Certain applications may include three-in-one powder packets, which include powdered coffee, sugar, and cream, but a system of used coffee and tea packaging machines can meet these needs.

Benefits of Used Coffee and Tea Packaging Equipment

Certain companies may wish to buy new coffee and tea packaging machines instead of used models, but the quality that companies can receive with used equipment can be the same as their newer counterparts. A reliable packaging equipment company such as High Performance Packaging makes sure that each piece of equipment is in good condition prior to selling. Trained technicians can inspect equipment and determine if there are any faulty parts, replacing them to ensure the machinery is in working condition. With these measures, used coffee and tea packaging equipment can provide the same effectiveness at lower costs.

Along with reliable equipment, we offer several services that can help further improve your packaging line. Our services include operator training, OEE programs, preventative maintenance, performance improvement, and line start-ups to assist with the launch of a new production line. These services can significantly expand the lifespan of equipment and help you achieve what you want to with your packaging systems.

To get a free quote for used coffee and tea packaging machinery along with additional technical details, contact us online and speak with an expert today. We also carry used packaging machines for a wide range of other packaging applications. Our expansive selection of equipment includes VFFS and HFFS equipment, inspection machinery, and more for applications involving food and nonfood products. If you’re in need of compatible packaging machines in your facility, our team of industry experts can assist with machine selection along with installation and initial operation.

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