What Is the Best VFFS Bagger?

Hayssen offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion.
When you’re looking for a new vertical form fill and seal machine for your packaging line, you’ve definitely got a lot of options. If you’re torn between some of the name brands you’ve seen, here is a quick rundown of just a few of the best VFFS packaging machine producers on the map today.


Hayssen is one of the most widely know producers of VFFS baggers. They offer both continuous motion baggers as well as intermittent motion baggers. Continuous motion baggers are designed for high-speed packaging, but intermittent baggers are also very fast, with some models producing up to 120 packages per minute. By comparison, continuous motion baggers can package up to 200 pieces per minute with machines from this maker. Depending on the product you are packaging, Hayssen may have the right kind of machine for your needs, such as models that allow for different bag shapes.


Matrix is another well-known name in the packaging industry. Their VFFS machines are ideal for many different applications, but they do provide options that allow for bag weights of up to 110 pounds. This brand is also very fast, with some Matrix VFFS machines offering the possibility of packing up to 300 pieces per minute. Currently, the brand offers a variety of VFFS machines, and should this brand be appealing to you, you will end up with a high-quality, durable machine.


Masipack currently offers a range of different models of VFFS machines. Some of their machines are continuous motion, others are automatic or activated by servomotors. They also offer a model that is ideal for 4-side seal packages, caklled the Ultra Sachet. If you’re trying to package heavy materials, they also have models that accommodate for that. Masipack offers machinery that is tailored to somewhat more specific products, so if you are in the business of packaging something a little bit less common than a simple bag, this may be the brand for you.


Rovema offers machines that include options for Stabilo Seal, Zipper Reclosure, Peelable Seal, Hole Punch, and Impulse Sealing packages. They offer models that provide features such as vacuums, drawdown belts, and touchscreen integration.

One thing that is consistent about all of these brands is that used or new, their machines are high quality, long-lasting VFFS machines. Depending on the specific product you need packaged, one of these brands may be the right fit for your needs.


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