Best Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines for Packaging

When you need quality packaging for your products, you’ve likely looked into vertical form fill seal machines to expedite and streamline the process. Vertical form fill seal machines are meant to package products quickly as well as consistently—in other words, each package is the same weight and each package is sealed as well as the last. When it comes to making a purchase, however, you have a lot of options, both with brand as well as buying used/refurbished or new machines. What’s the best option for your company?

Seal Machines for Packaging

Which Brands Are Best?

You have plenty of options for VFFS machines for your packaging line.  Matrix, Hayssen, Rovema, Triangle, Woodman, as well as several other manufacturers make excellent VFFS machines that would fit in perfectly with your line of work.  Different models allow for different types of speeds of filling and packaging, perfect for different industries. Matrix, one of the leading names in the packaging machinery industry, offers machines that allows bag weights up to 110 pounds, short product drops that are ideal for more delicate products, and speeds up to 300 pieces per minute.  With the range of machines available, you’ll have no trouble finding a vertical form fill seal machine that is ideal for both your product and your industry.

Should You Buy Used or New?

You also have the option to purchase new machines or opt for used/refurbished models.  You may feel reluctant to purchase refurbished machinery for fear that it will not last as long as a new machine. However, refurbished machines are put through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that the next buyer is getting a quality, reliable machine. Purchasing refurbished machines can also mean that you’re buying a product from a company that knows a bit more about the machines—since they have to bring them to excellent condition after being used, they will be able to better explain how to use the machines and answer any questions you might have about them.

Whether you’re ready to make a purchase or just want to know more about vertical form fill seal machines and other packaging equipment, contact High Performance Packaging.


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