Best Packaging Equipment for Bakeries

If you work in the bakery or food industry, you know that there are specific requirements for your packaging. For instance, you need your packaging to keep the product fresh, and you may also need it to be form-fitting to the product so that things like cookies don’t break during shipment. You’ll likely also need machinery to place the packaged products into boxes for shipping, and in turn machines that can weigh out the same amount of product for each package so that the boxes to be shipped are all a uniform weight. So what are the best brands for bakery packaging?

Combi Scales and Other Machinery

Combi scales are some of the best known weighers on the market, and for good reason. They are known for being accurate scales, which not only saves businesses money by not over- or under-filling packages, but also saves time because companies can rely on these machines to get the work done right. Combi also manufactures horizontal case loaders, pick and place case packing machines, and drop packers, for all of your packaging needs. Make sure your freshly baked, made-with-love items get to their end destination in the best condition they can with Combi machinery.

Hayssen VFFS Baggers

Hayssen also makes integrated packaging lines that include vertical baggers
You should also look into the Hayssen brand for your packaging needs.  Their vertical form fill seal machines are some of the best on the market, and they are designed to package product both quickly and efficiently, for optimal production rates.  Hayssen also makes integrated packaging lines that include vertical baggers, different wrapping options, and a wide range of package styles, such as recloseable features, pillow bags, and much more. No matter what your bakery product is, Hayssen machinery can help you find the best way to get it to your customers in the best shape possible.

To expand your bakery packaging machinery line, contact High Performance packaging to learn more about the best brands for your applications and to learn more about used and refurbished packaging machinery.


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