Benefits of Getting Tech Support from Your Machine Supplier

HP Packaging Provides Tech Support for Used Packaging Machines Like This Combination Weigher

When you purchase machinery for your packaging line, the hope is that everything is smooth sailing—no issues with performance or efficiency. Of course, like most every other piece of machinery in any industry, the time will eventually come when you need maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, or a performance review for better efficiency. In these instances, you have the option to contact a local technician or the manufacturer of the machinery, but there’s a third option for getting the tech support you need—contacting the vendor you purchased the machinery from.

What Can the Vendor Do?

In High Performance Packaging’s case, we don’t just sell the equipment and cut contact with our clients. We strive to ensure each of our clients has a good experience with their machinery and gets the most out of their investment. For that reason, we offer operator training, troubleshooting services, a preventative maintenance program, and a performance improvement program to ensure that your machinery offers you the most benefit. Purchasing from a vendor that has working knowledge of the machinery can mean that any maintenance, problems, or repairs get fixed faster, which can in turn cause less downtime for your business.

At HP Packaging, we also offer an OEE Program, which helps you maximize your overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE. This program helps your business achieve peak performance.

When you purchase from a vendor who has no interest in how the machinery ends up working out for their clients, you may have to settle for dealing with customer service representatives who may not know how to handle your problems. Instead, seek out a vendor who has a lot of knowledge about the products they sell.

More Knowledge from Certain Vendors

At High Performance Packaging, because we sell used equipment and offer training on how to use and troubleshoot the equipment, we’re well-versed in how the machines work.  We offer customized maintenance plans for your used machinery, which helps ensure years of reliable service from the machines you purchase from us. Instead of taking a chance on a machine repairman who may not know the inner workings of the brand of machine you’re using, it helps to know that you can seek quality help from the vendor you purchased from. When you buy from HP Packaging, that’s exactly what you can expect. For more information about our services and products, contact us today.


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